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Thermocouples Spares like brass bayonet caps & adaptors, ceramic insulators, fiberglass stain less steel braided Thermocouples Wire, Teflon wire , pvc wire intype j, k, t, r,s pt 100, terminal heads with connectors, compression fittings in brass & stain less steel. Thermocouples are widely used in science and industry; applications include temperature measurement for kilns, gas turbine exhaust, diesel engines, and other industrial processes.

1. Bayonut caps in 11 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm
2. Barell adaptors in different thread sizes for 11 mm, 12 mm, 15mm caps
3. Thermocouples spring loaded assemblies for plastic industries 
4. Ceramic terminal head with brass terminals fitted
5. Brass connection terminals for ceramic terminal blocks
6. Ceramic tubes wit 4 hole and 6 hole
7. Ceramic insulators for thermocouples
8. Stain less steel m.i assebly plate with ceramic terminal blocks
9. Handles for hand held type thermocouples probe
10. Compression fittings in brass & stain less steel
11. 7/0.2 thermocouples wire fg/fg/stain less steel over braided type j,k or pt 100
12. Tef/tef or tef/silicon type j and k or 2 core & 3 core for pt 100
13. Thermocouples wire in 7/0.2 & 14/0.2 pvc/pvc
14. Aluminium die cast head in small & big size with union & chain
15. Plugs & jacks in miniature & big size type j, k, pt100, t
16. Thermocouples wire from 10 swg to 36 swg
17. Mgo powder
18. Compression fittings in various sizes with bsp  and npt thread in brass and stain less steel grade 304 and 316
19. Male plugs for thermocouples in brass and stain less steel 
1. Ceramics for band heater (channels or bricks from 2 hole to 12 hole in small, medium and large sizes)
2. Screw caps in ceramic
3. Brass parts for band heater
4. Kettle plug ( male cup) with shroud
5. Ceramic cement for cartrige heater sealing
6. Soft tube and magnesia tube upto 400 mm long for cartridge heater
7. Ceramic bush and terminals for ceramic heater
8. Silicon sealant
9. End sealing bush for tube heating element
10. Thread bars for tube elements in m3, m4, m5 threads in different length
11. M3, m4, m5, m6 nuts in brass and steel with washer
12. M12, m14, m16 nipples i brass in lengths 16mm, 20mm, 25mm with nut
13. Ceramic bobin in 8 & 12 holes with 25mm, 31mm, 36mm, 44mm, 46mm, 57mm diameter close & open type with spacer and bottom connection for immersion heater
14. Fibreglass silicon wire in 0.5 to 10.0 mm² with tin plated copper conductor
15. Fibreglass wire in 0.5 to 10.0 mm² with pure nickle conductor 
16. Brass boses in 1 1/4" bsp to 2 1/2" bsp size
17. Silicon wire in 0.5 to 10.0 mm² with tin plated copper conductor
18. Interlocking beads in various sizes
19. Ceramics for blower element and air heating open coil elelent
20. Finns for tube heating elements in g.i , stain less steel
1. Energy regulator with pilot terminal as per sunvic
2. Infninte heat control switch
3. Invensys type of energy regulator
4. Stem thermostat with safety cutout
5. Capillary thermostat for oven
6. Knobs for energy regulator
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