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Stem Thermostat / Rod Thermostat / Capillary Thermostat
Technical / Industrial Ceramics Brass Spares For Heating Elements
Ceramics / Wires / Brass Hardware and Tube Fittings for Thermocouple
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Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Energy Regulators and Infinite
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Thermostat
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Brass Spares for Heating    Elements
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Technical Ceramics / Industrial    Ceramics for Heating  Elements
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Wires , Brass Hardware, Tube    Fittings and Others Spares for    Thormocouples Industry
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Technical Ceramics for    Thermocouples
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Heating Elements
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Industrial Heaters
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Brass Compression Fittings
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Thermocouple Cables and wires
Heating Elements, Electrical Elements Ceramics

  Home  Technical Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics, Advance Technical Ceramics Industrial ceramics / wires / Brass Hardware and tube fittings for Thermocouple Industry
A thermocouple is a thermoelectric device used to measure temperatures accurately, especially ones consisting of two dissimilar metals joined so that a potential difference generated between the contact points measures the temperature.
Industrial Ceramics for the Heating industry like band heater ceramics, immersion heater ceramic bobins, End bush for tube heating element, steel kettle plug shroud, kettle plug, brass bosses in 2” bsp,11/4” bsp, brass fittings, tubes.
Industrial Ceramics supplies a wide range of products we can provide the product that is the most cost effective in your high tempearature or wear resisitance application.
Industrial Ceramics / Advance Technical Ceramics
Industrial Ceramics is a customer-focused business manufacturig ceramic components, Assemblies and related products for niche applications within a variety of growth markets
The different grades manufactured by us in Industrial Ceramics / Technical Ceramics are as follows :
1. Porcelain 2. Steatite 3. Cordierite 4. High Alumina
The items being produced in above kind of grades are
1. Beads 2. MCB Plates
3. Cartridge Heaters & Endseals 4. Band Heaters
5. Thermostat 6. Lamp Holders
7. Low Voltage Insulators 8. High Voltage Tubes & Star Cores
9. Cordierite Refractory Tubes 10. Cordierite Tubes & Thermocouple Heads
11. N. H. Square Fuse & Base & Round Barrels
12. Custom made parts
Technical Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics   Technical Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics
Thermocouple Ceramics Brass Spares
Technical Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics   Technical Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics
Technical Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics  
Thermocouple Spares
  Thermocouples Block
TCWIRE Thermocouples Wire   Compression Fititing
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